Upcoming Agricultural Events In The State

Arkansas is always alive with agricultural activities cutting cross the largest farms in the state to the smallest ones. As 2018 comes to an end, a good number of agricultural activities are lined up for the end of the year and the first quarter of the next. Some of the upcoming events that you won’t want to miss include;

AgTech Expo

The AgTech challenge is setting aside $100,000 to fund an agricultural technology startup. Expected to participate in the event slated for December 3 to 5 is Smart Farm Systems, a company that has been developing irrigation automation and control system over several years in Arkansas.

Annual Meeting Of Ag Council Of Arkansas Board Of Directors

The annual meeting will be held at the Capital Hotel on the 13th and 14th of December. The meeting will provide the platform for the Council members and stakeholders in Arkansas’ agriculture to deliberate on the outgoing crop year as well as strategize on the plans for the 2019 crop year. Guests and Ag Council members that want to be part of the event are expected to send a corresponding message to guyva@agcouncil.net.

Arkansas Rice Annual Meeting

This is a meeting that brings together Arkansas Rice Farmers and Arkansas Rice Council. Next year’s annual meeting will be held on Jan 8 at the Grand Prairie Center. Next year’s meeting will give an opportunity to industry experts and rice farmers to deliberate on the impact of the farm bill and other issues that affect the welfare of farmers and stakeholders.

Farm Family Of The Year

This is the longest-running farm family recognition in the United States. The Farm Family of the Year program starts with the selection from each county the top farming family. Subsequently, 8 district Farm Families of the Year are chosen. This year’s event will hold on December 6.

farm family

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