The Most Prominent Agricultural Institutions In The State

There was a time in Arkansas that farmers constituted more than 90 percent of the population. The state evolved from a small subsistent population of landowners through a culture of plantation before the Civil War to an age of tenant farming and sharecropping during the WWII. The new generation now relies on museums to keep some of the past farming legacies alive. Today, Arkansas has yielded to technology and commercial enterprise putting an end to over 150 years of sustained agricultural practices.

Before the arrival of technology, farmers relied on crude tools and animals for cultivation and this limited them to an average cultivation of four acres per day. The geography of Arkansas also plays a huge role in its agricultural success. The state is split into six regions, each having a unique soil. These soil uniqueness and modern agricultural techniques are the knowledge that agricultural institutions in the state bequeath their students. There are 13 agricultural institutions located in Arkansas.

Best Agriculture Colleges Of 2018 create an annual list of the best institutions to help prospective students in choosing the universities they would want to attend. The ranking of each school is based on different criteria including student surveys, data culled from reliable government sources, editorial review, and college graduate interviews. The top five agricultural institutions are as follows;

University Of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas got the top ranking from The university offers 27 Agricultural Degree programs. A large number of agricultural degree programs offered by this university also makes it the largest Agricultural institution in the state. The 2015 statistics show that out of the 308 students that graduated from agriculture-related study areas, 13 obtained Doctoral degrees, 65 Master’s degrees, and 230 Bachelor’s degrees.

university of arkansas
The University of Arkansas got the top ranking from The university offers 27 Agricultural Degree programs.

The university’s System Division of Agriculture is primarily concerned with research and information support. The Division is also responsible for the conduct of diverse programs across the state to provide environmental support and sustainability. Transfer of appropriate technologies and public education is the primary role of Cooperative Extension Service while Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station handles researches.

University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture has its origins in the 1871 charter of the institution which was then referred to the Arkansas Industrial University. The university was established by the 1862 Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act. The Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agriculture, and the Agricultural Experiment Station were established in 1914, 1905, and 1888, respectively.

Arkansas State University-Main Campus

Arkansas State University-Main Campus is a medium-sized public university located in Jonesboro. The university offers 7 Agricultural Degree programs. The 2015 records show that out of the 126 students that graduated from the institution, 12 obtained Master’s degrees and 114 Bachelor’s degree.

Arkansas State University-Main Campus is a medium-sized public university located in Jonesboro.

Arkansas State University fondly called A-State, formerly a regional school of agricultural instruction, has evolved in the past 100 years into a comprehensive university. While the university’s primary mission remains education, they now carry out extensive research activities and public outreach programs.

The university prepares students for food production (farming), rural leadership, value-added processing, and agribusiness. The university carries out its doctoral studies through Environmental Sciences and Molecular Biosciences program. The 21st Annual Arkansas Soil and Water Education Conference will be held on the 30th day of January in the First National Bank Arena.

The University Of Arkansas At Pine Bluff

Just like the A-state University, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff offers 7 Agricultural Degree programs. Notwithstanding that it is a small public university planted in a small city, this institution boasts of a number of achievements. The 2015 report shows that out of 31 graduates, 8 bagged Master’s degrees while 23 were crowned with Bachelor’s degrees.

Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University has provision for only 5 Agricultural Degree programs. This medium-sized public university looks isolated in a remote town in Russellville. According to the 2015 report, 65 students graduated from the institution and out of this number 3 obtained Master’s degrees and 60 earned Bachelor’s degrees. The institution also gave out 2 Certificates degrees.

Southern Arkansas University Main Campus

Completing the top 5 agricultural institutions is the Southern Arkansas University Main Campus which offers 4 Agriculture Degree programs. In 2015, 42 students graduated with 7 bagging Master’s degrees and 29 leaving with Bachelor’s degrees.

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